We started Rocky Point Heating and Air Conditioning in order to bring all of the high-end, expensive, large-corporation HVAC and sheet metal services to every home and business at a small, local business price. Working for some of the leading HVAC and sheet metal companies in BC, we’ve been able to work hands-on with all processes, have trained journeymen and apprentices alike on proper sizing and installation techniques while perfecting our own skills. However, our passion has always been for the people we serve, and we knew in order to serve our community better, we needed to join forces and start our own business— one that represents the spirit of our community where every client is part of our larger family and can have access to some of the highest-quality HVAC & sheet metal services for some of the lowest prices you will find.

Whether you need a new furnace, air conditioner, HVAC system design or sheet metal work, give us a call and start your project today!